At MDPA, we believe the road to a successful career is a seamless, smooth wall. Great pay and benefits. Steady work. And a feeling of great satisfaction at the end of the day when you step back to look at what you just built with your own two hands. If this sounds like the job you’ve been looking for, you’re in luck, because MDPA has been looking for you. Check out the job descriptions and opportunities below and start building your future today.


As a plaster/taper, your job is simple, yet incredibly important: transform a sea of drywall into a smooth, uniform, seamless surface with plaster, a trowel, and your own creativity. As a plaster/taper, fit and finish are everything, so an eye for detail and aesthetics are musts. So too is the unwillingness to accept anything less than perfection.


As a carpenter, you are responsible for the heavy lifting. Literally. Your job is to measure, cut, fit, and hang drywall sheets for installation on walls and ceilings. Other responsibilities include cutting and installing metal corner beads, filling joints, holes, and cracks with compound, and smoothing/sanding excess compound.

laborer walking at construction site


As a laborer, you will work with carpenters, plasterers and other construction trades professionals on new and existing construction sites, including industrial, commercial, institutional and residential. You are responsible for preparing the job site and may assist with the delivery of materials such as the unloading and staging of products on site as well as cleaning up debris created by the delivery process and properly disposing of it. Specific tasks include site preparation, demolition, organizing delivered materials, such as drywall, lumber and other materials specific to a construction site.