No Experience? Start a Career Today.

Are you interested in starting a career as a drywall carpenter, taper or plasterer? As an advocate for companies that specialize in drywall and plaster, we help connect our member companies with people like you, who are interested in making drywall and plastering a career.

To begin your career journey, you will need to apply for employment with one of our member companies. After you are hired, you will join one of two trade unions where you will be entered into their apprenticeship program. This means you will learn the art and craft of drywalling, taping or plastering while you are employed! You will earn a starting wage and as you gain experience and skills, your wage will increase, based on union scales.

The apprenticeship will include time you work on the job under the supervision of a journey-level skilled worker and classroom time through a union training center. At the completion of your apprenticeship, you will be a journey-level skilled worker.

In addition to earning a great wage, as a member of a trade union you will receive health and dental insurance, be enrolled into a pension plan, and earn time off toward vacation time. Start your career with a Minnesota drywall and plaster company today. Apply to any or all of these entry-level positions offered by a MPDA member company:

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